Who do you think you are?

I'm Jena Beise, and I'm all about holistically improving quality of life for women after pregnancy.


And what gives you the right? Huh?!

I'm...a doctor of physical therapy. I'm a certified pelvic floor specialist practicing since 2011. I've also had three kids and am on my own postpartum journey.


Okay. That makes sense.

Glad you think so, aggressive question asker.


How does Heal at Home Moms even work?

It’s an online exercise and education program to help moms heal at home. $19.99 a month gets you full access to all videos. Exercises, interviews with other experts, deep dives into stretching, bracing, and other mom topics, and there's always more content on the way. Whether you were pregnant six weeks ago or six decades ago, this program will empower you to take charge of your postpartum healing. 


But shouldn’t postpartum moms get therapy?

Yes! If we had our way, every woman would get amazing physical therapy from a specialist (like me!). But that’s not always possible. The truth is, there’s so much you can do to heal your body on their own, if you just have the knowledge. That’s why we made this program. That said, if you'd like to book an actual therapy session with me, we can make that happen


Aren’t you body-shaming moms into exercising?

Heal at Home Moms is not about fitting into a certain swimsuit. It’s not even necessarily about weight loss. It’s about understanding your body and using that knowledge to heal and gain strength. It’s about being able to run and play and enjoy all the things you did before pregnancy. It’s about quality of life!


Oh. Well. That sounds awesome.

Thanks. Hey why all the tough questions?


I don’t know. Maybe I’m just tired. Also I peed my pants a little this morning.

Oh yeah? Does that happen often?


It has since my last pregnancy.

Sounds like you should be a heal at home mom.


You’re probably right.

If you decide to sign up, use this code and save 10% on the first month: FAQUIZ


Yussssss discount.

Yeah. Everybody loves the discount. :)



Learned what you need to know? Excellent.


Start Healing