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Online exercise and learning for pregnant and postpartum women.

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Heal at Home Moms is designed by two doctors of physical therapy who specialize in women's health. The program requires no meds or appointments—just thirty minutes a day.

$19.99 a month gets you full access to our ever-expanding content, including our eight-week Postpartum Program, and our Health In Pregnancy Program. You'll find guided exercise routines, education, interviews with experts, wellness tips, and a place to connect with Dr. Jena and other moms who are healing at home!

Whether you're six weeks pregnant, six years postpartum, or anything in between, this program will empower you to get well and stay well. The program is safe and simple. And it’ll work if you work.

Motherhood is for life. Let's make it healthier.

Okay, moms. We’ve got great news and bad news.


The bad news: during and after pregnancy, a lot of us experience:

  • Diastasis recti (mommy tummy)

  • Urinary leakage

  • Constipation

  • Back, hip, and pelvic pain

  • Prolapse

  • Painful sex

  • Being asked if we’re pregnant when we. are. not. pregnant.

The great news: Heal at Home Moms empowers you to get rid of those issues. We want you to:

  • Live without pain.

  • Enjoy sex.

  • Run and sneeze without peeing your pants.

  • Enjoy sex.

  • Never have to say “no I’m not pregnant but thanks for asking, grandpa.”

  • Enjoy sex.

You can do this. Let’s heal at home, moms.


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Heidi, mother of 2

30-35 years old
Nurse Practitioner

"I was sure I did not I need this program. None of the providers in my maternity care had ever mentioned postpartum healing or checked me for diastasis recti. So when I resumed normal activities after my doctor cleared me, I was worried that stress incontinence and an abdomen that looked vaguely pregnant were my new normal. However, the expertise and enthusiasm of Jena and Erin of Heal at Home convinced me that this was not normal and I could take an active role in healing myself. Now, eight weeks later, I feel a change. I feel a stronger core, less incontinence, and even more confidence in my own appearance."

Amy, mother of 3

30-35 years old
Stay at Home Mother

“Heal at Home Moms has improved my life so much. After the first week of the program I could see a difference in my body and I could feel my muscles waking up. I’ve done a different pelvic floor rehabilitation program and I couldn’t stick to it and saw no results. Jena and Erin’s program is super easy to follow. It’s simple and it’s effective. I’ve taken every single thing I’ve learned during the eight weeks and I have applied them to my daily workout regimen and really my entire daily movements at home with my young children. It’s so nice to feel like myself again, and to not have people asking me every day if I’m pregnant! I’m so thankful for Heal at Home Moms.”

Rachel, mother of 3

40-45 years old

"My youngest child was 5 years old when I started the Heal at Home program. I honestly wasn't expecting much...after all those years, I figured that what damage had been done to my core and pelvic floor was unrepairable. However, I was so wrong. After 8 weeks with Jena and Erin, my core is stronger than it's been in at least 10 years. The workouts were basic, uncomplicated, and practical. I might not have the abs of a super model, but I feel stronger, happier, and more confident than before. My posture is so much better! And my mild stress incontinence has improved as well."

Jenny, mother of 2

35-45 years old
Part-time hair-dresser  

"Having 2 big babies less than 2 years apart and close to 40 years old, I had quite an abdominal separation and 2 years later I still felt like I looked a little pregnant. After 8 weeks with this program, I feel much stronger, have a flatter stomach, and the knowledge to continue with this work on my own. I loved this program and definitely recommend it!"

Jena, mother of 3

30-35 years old
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist with Diastasis

"Yep. The Jena who co-founded this thing. My amazing babies split my abs like the trap door in one of those big birthday cakes. So, I became my own patient. Over time I brought the split down from six finger widths (ouch) to one. This program works. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t have used it on myself!”

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